Air dry clay does not require baking or firing in a kiln. It dries and hardens naturally when exposed to air, making it a convenient and accessible option for artists and crafters.

There are 2 different types of - Hard & Strong. - Flexible.





Hard & Strong. The Hard & Strong formula be comes tough and rigid once it dries. This makes it a great choice for creating sculptures or art pieces that requires a lot of details and needs to hold its shape.

Tip: Shaping wire to form a skeleton before adding air-dry clay on top can help increase structural integrity and avoid shrinkage.







Flexible. The Flexible formula becomes slightly bend able once it dries. When sculpted into thin pieces, it be come translucent and is able to flex a little bit even at full hardness. This makes it a great choice to sculpt flowers or foliage as the clay will remain sitrong and flexible even when rolled out into thin petals.

Tip: Once dried, the flexible air-dry clay can be painted with watercolor to add details very easily, as its translucency will take on color very well. 



25 January 2024

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